the short and made-up story about two people who i filmed in the bus

I was riding a bus home and I was exhausted. I was drowsy and bored and I had a camera with me, the one that I rented from the uni the day before. No agenda in my mind, I filmed people sitting around me; people and streets, 17 minutes in total, 17 minutes of footage that was gonna end up in the trash folder of my computer.

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It was freezing that October in 2014, let me tell you that. Me and Ari went to the forest near my house and did a photoshoot, nothing too fancy – black jeans, sweater and cigarettes. Almost classic.

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CCA is artsier than LCC

This week I went to Camberwell College of Arts (one of the UAL colleges) as the part of my first assessment task. We had to work in a group and make a little research and a presentation of one of the fellow colleges of UAL, so we got Camberwell.


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The day my childhood was over

For the past 3 years I’ve been dreaming of going away. I have always known that I probably don’t want to stay in Estonia for my whole life but that was 3 years ago when I decided that I am leaving. I didn’t really know where exactly I wanted to go or what I wanted to study, leave alone I had plans for my future. I was just a kid in a tiny town’s high school, I always wanted more than I already had and that was the case this time, even though now it felt much more meaningful and important.

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