the short and made-up story about two people who i filmed in the bus

I was riding a bus home and I was exhausted. I was drowsy and bored and I had a camera with me, the one that I rented from the uni the day before. No agenda in my mind, I filmed people sitting around me; people and streets, 17 minutes in total, 17 minutes of footage that was gonna end up in the trash folder of my computer.

00:42  – that’s the time when shit went crazy and I started editing those 17 minutes of my ride home. I thought about the most common thing that happens in the buses at night – when people go home after partying. Drunk, drugged, maybe both, maybe none – people going home alone at night are usually relatively sad and temporarily desperate. That’s why  people are so vulnerable to catching an eye of a complete stranger and falling in this bittersweet half-an-hour love. I am pretty sure that everyone (at least once) thought about other people’s lives when on the bus, everyone fell in love there just to get slightly heartbroken when your stop is coming and/or the stranger left already.

This short 1.26-minute project is exactly about that, about how easily we let ourselves go, how desperate we are to quit the reality and how fast and unexpectedly it all ends. I love how raw and emotionally naked the video turned out, I tried to show that thin line that divides the dream and reality. I used cropping and color correction to achieve this haunting but oddly satisfying feel of a mental meltdown, this drug and alcohol distorted reality that we all live in. The stop-button is probably the most important highlight in the whole video, it represents this inner voice, consciousness,  that tells us to cut the crap and take a hold of our mind.

Though the video is only one and a half minute long, I see it as a short movie in a way. It was a really good experience trying this experimental composition and light and it is definitely a different editing too. Check it out:


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