CCA is artsier than LCC

This week I went to Camberwell College of Arts (one of the UAL colleges) as the part of my first assessment task. We had to work in a group and make a little research and a presentation of one of the fellow colleges of UAL, so we got Camberwell.


The first impression was not so good – the college is far, really far from the city centre and you can only get there by bus. It took me almost an hour to get there from Oxford Circus, I had to switch buses and walk and it was not the best experience, to be honest. Location is definitely not the best – that I can tell for sure. The area seemed nice and clean in the daylight but when we finished exploring the building and went home it was already pretty dark and quite sketchy. There is not a lot of shops or any facilities – The building is located on a street with residential houses and there were really few people walking around.

The college itself made an impression. It is located in South London Gallery, the building is old and very “artsy” and even though it looks almost like an abandoned hospital from horror movies, it is very cosy inside. The building is divided into 2 main sections – an old one and a new one. Each floor is themed for a particular course – one for photography, one for clay sculpting etc. It is very different from how it is in LCC, it is more of a space for “creative doings” if you know what I mean.


I can’t tell if that is the kind of place I would prefer to LCC. Transport links are really important for me and it is one if the CCA’s biggest drawbacks. It was definitely an interesting thing to explore because even though it is the part of the same university I go to, the difference between 2 colleges is huge and it was nice to compare them two.

As the part of the presentation, I made a video that you can watch down below. It is my first video filmed on an iPhone 7 in 4K and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.



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